My Work

Sone of my recent works...

  1. Furniture Company Website (HTML+ CSS + JS Static Website using Materialize Framework.)
  2. Product Landing Page (HTML+CSS+JS , No Framework. Deployed on Netlify)
  3. Mars Weather App (Using NASA Mars Insight Mission api with Vannila JavaScript)
  4. Prepaid Graphic Design Service (Front End with HTML, CSS, JS and Backend is built using PHP + MySQL. Payment integration with Razorpay)
  5. Crypto Trading Training Website (Theme Built with Bootstrap)
  6. Single Page Restaurant Menu Website (HTML+CSS+JS , No Framework)
  7. Media Agency (HTML+ CSS + JS Static Website with Bulma)
  8. Jewellery Company Landing Page (HTML + CSS + JS Static Website with Scroll Animations)
  9. Local Retail Shop (Wordpress Website)
  10. Pet Shelter (Wordpress Website)
  11. React Image Gallery (Built using Tailwind CSS and Create React App)
  12. React Client Panel (React with Redux + Firebase (username -, password - pikachu))
  13. Reddit Search App (Vanilla JS + Reddit API)
  14. Simple Contact Manager App (React + ContextAPI)
  15. Simple Project Management App (React + Redux)
  16. Yelcamp - Campsite review website (Node + Express + MongoDB)
  17. Book Library App (Node + Express + MongoDB)