Chethan Bhat Resume

Hello, I'm Chethan.
I'm a Senior Web Developer.

I love to build professional websites and web applications. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want to discuss work.

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About Me

I am a professional web developer with over 6+ years of experience. I love building stuff and solving problems. I offer a fast turnaround and I am open for collaborations. I am preferably looking for remote jobs or long term freelance work.

Work Experience

  • Created high quality landing pages, apps and APIs.
  • Built customized web solutions and implement new features.
  • Integrated Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels
  • Undertook Website Backups and perform Maintenance.


  • HTML, CSS with SASS
  • UI Frameworks - Tailwind, Bootstrap
  • Modern Javascript (ES6 and beyond)
  • React (with Redux or Context Api)
  • Node with Express API development
  • Custom PHP App Development
  • WordPress Development
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL & MongoDB


  • Javascript tooling such as Webpack and Babel
  • Version control using Git.
  • Test Driven Development (using Jest or Cypress)
  • High Performance Apps using caching & optimization.
  • Deployment with CI/CD pipeline.

Why hire me?

Do you need a new website?
Are you a designer and would you like me to develop websites based on your wireframe?
How about someone to fix and maintain your old website?
Do you need someone to set up a WordPress website with blog?
Any plans for Web Apps?
Yes I can do all of it.

Fast Websites and Web Apps
Mobile Friendly Responsive Design
Quick Turnaround
Secure and Scalable Apps
Rich Industry Experience
Free Consultation

Featured Projects

Here are some of my recent projects (personal & for clients)


React, Sanity CMS, Tailwind

JustShare – Photo Sharing App

A Photo sharing web application built using React, Tailwind and Sanity CMS.


React, ChartJS, Tailwind

TraCoin – Crypto Tracker

traCoin is a Crypto Currency Tracking app. traCoin uses CoinGecko API for realtime crypto currency data.


MongoDB, Express, React, Node


Bloglist is a Full Stack MERN App which aims to aggregate blog posts. A user can submit blogs, like and comment.


React, Bootstrap

Hacker News Reader

Hacker News Reader built with React using Hacker News Official API. Pagination is implemented to browse stories. A user can sort stories via category buttons.


WordPress, Elementor

Real Estate Company Website

Maalavya Developers are a well known Real Estate Promoters and Developers in the city of Puttur, Karnataka. This website is used to promote their projects.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Materialize CSS

Furniture Company Website

Founded in 1992, Deccan Group is an acknowledged initiator and innovator of coastal Karnataka's plastics industry. This website has helped Deccan Plast Industries to spread…


WordPress, Elementor

Health & Wellness Company

Adya Natural Wellness Centre specializes in alternative therapies. They use Natural & Traditional therapy, Ayurveda, Acupunture, Electro Homeopathy(Spagyric plants) & other alternative systems



Pet Shelter is a website for a Cow Shelter. The websites helps to raise awareness about conservation of native Indian Cow Breeds.

Contact Me

Send me a message if you want to hire me !

    [email protected]

    Mangalore 575001
    Karnataka, India

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